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Seating Accessories  
Swivel Seat Base
These Seat Swivels fit most of the seats that we sell and most other seats on the market.

7" x 7" 
Swivels 360 degrees

AK's price
Stainless Steel $29.99
Black Painted   $9.99

Aluminum Reinforcing Plate
for mounting for mounting pedestal plate.

Part#AK4 11"w x11"l 2" Lip $19.99
Part#AK3 12"w x14"l 2" Lip $27.99
Part#AK2 12"w x17"l 2" Lip $29.99

Alumacraft Jon Boat Seat Clamp
Available in 3 sizes. Fits seats only with lip or overhang. This is the best mount for Alumacraft boats and can be installed and removed easily. 
Size 1 adjust from 13" to 16"
Size 2 adjust from 
Size 3 adjust from 19" to 21 1/2" 
Designed to fit under the lip of the seat on both sides.
AK's Price Seat mount $39.99  Swivel $9.99
AK's Custom Seat Mount (Magic Seat Mount)
Designed by AK's staff to fit almost any type Jon boat seat (except one with a hip or overhang). Manufactured from .125 gauge aluminum.
13" long, 10" wide, and 2 1/2" high (forward lip 4" down)

A.K.'s Price $32.99

SWIVL-EZE Jon Boat Seat Bracket
This system has a 15" rail that mounts on the front of the seat and 15" rail that mounts flat on the back of the seat. Includes a plate that slides in the rail. This system works best with a square edge seat.  (Fits most Duracraft boats)

Rails, Plate, and Mounting Hardware $39.99
Mounting Plate only $16.99

Removable Pin Pedestal
This three piece pedestal set has become our most popular pedestal. It has a 7" by 7" base with a 13"extension.




A.K.'s price $65.99 (As shown in picture with stainless base)

Seat Spider
For above pedestal $13.99
Stainless Seat Spider $34.99
SWIVL- EZE Aluminum Bell Pedestal
8" Fixed height $59.99
12" Fixed height $64.99
15" Fixed height $69.99
Removable Seat Mount
This removable seat clamp works perfectly as a non-permanent mount. It includes a swivel, is well built, and adjusts from 8" to 19". If you want the ability to easily install and remove your seat, this mount could be for you.
A.K.'s price $31.99
Lowe Slider Base (Pre 2014)
This is the original seat base that fits the Lowe Slider Rail used to about 2014. It also fits Roughneck up to about 2014.

The Lowe Rail for the base is no longer available.

Base plate only 
A.K.'s price $19.99

Lowe Seat Mount
This is the seat mount we highly recommend for mounting seats to your jon boat. It is available in five sizes (12", 14", 16", 18" and 20") for different width seats. The mount slides down over the bench seat and is screwed into both sides in several places. The swivel seat is installed on the mount before it is attached to the bench seat. These mounts are three inches higher than the bench seat and will not pull out. If your seat width i snot one of the above sizes, this mount can be bent as shown for installation.
A.K.'s Price $32.99
Aluminum Reinforcement Plate
This .125 gauge aluminum plate is used for reinforcement when mounting pedestals and seats in jon boats. It measures 17" (length) 12" (width) with a 2" lip.
A.K.'s price $29.99

Stainless Steel Base
For above pedestal

3 Sixes


Aluminum Pin Extension
 For above pedestal 
sizes 6", 11", 13", 16"
All Lengths $16
Cast aluminum designed with nylon sleeves. Locking 360 swivel works flat or at 30 angle. 10" mounting base with 6 countersunk holes. Brushed satin finish base. 2-3/8" diameter tube.
14" to 20" Adjustable $84.99
Boater Sports Sure-Mount Seat Bracket

All aluminum, durable, lightweight construction

Part# BS70 $37.99 15" Kit
Part# BS71 
$27.99 33" Rail Only

Part# BS73 $48.99 33" Kit
Part# BS72 
$16.99 Slide Bracket


Aluminum Pedestal
This heavy aluminum pedestal works well on many jon boats It has one side open for storage It is 14" high and is heavily reinforced for seat mounting.
A.K.'s price $84.99

Pedestal Mounting Plate
In some applications this plate makes mounting the above box  (Aluminum Pedestal) easier. It also makes it possible to put your battery under the pedestal for a foot control motor. 
Heavy (.125) gauge aluminum, cut to fit the pedestal base.
A.K.'s price $24.99

Alweld Seat Base

Round Cast

A.K.s price $29.99


Aluminum Reinforcement Plate

Part#AK5 12"x12" plate $15.99

Alweld base Shown
A.K.s price $29.99


New! Alweld Deck Pedestal

Unique pedestal box open in front and back. Has a round pedestal plate welded to top to make seat mounting easy.

16" x 16" Base
12" High

A.K.s price $99.99


Designed by AK to fit the lip of Alumacraft jon boats to insure a safe seat mount. Secure to the bench with 6 to 8 screws or rivets.

13 1/2" Long
10" Wide
.125 Heavy Aluminum

(may need to hammer lip to get a tight fit)

A.K.s price $34.99

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