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Steering, Consoles, And Storage  
Lowe Steering Side Console
This console, manufactured by Lowe, will fit most aluminum boats. It is 24" wide and the height is adjustable from 21" to 32". An aluminum bracket is also included for mounting an outboard motor control box. This console is rugged and very functional. A non—adjustable console is also available at the same price.

A.K.'s price $199.00
Windshield for Lowe console $99.00

  The Ezy-Glide Stik  (New Model #840)
Mechanical steering system designed so the operator may be positioned in the front of the boat for better visibility and convenience. It will handle up to a 70 HP motor. It is available in 8' - 15' lengths.

A.K.'s Price $279.99
Connection Kit (Plated Steel, Alum.) $99.99


Teleflex/Morse SAFE-tm Quick Connect Steering System
The Safe-T System is the OEM choice for safe, simple, reliable steering for boats up to 24 feet range. To enhance the simplicity of this design, Teleflex/Morse offers the Safe-T Quick Connect system. This system does not require tools to connect the cable to the helm, therefore reducing installation time up to 50%. Teleflex/Morse has also trapped the nut on the engine end which saves time chasing coupler nuts during engine installation. 8’ through 20’ cables available in stock.
• Boats up to 24 feet
• Steering wheels up to 16”
• Single Engines
• O/B Runabouts
• Bass Boats
• Pontoon boats
• Small cruises

Quick-response of 3 turns lock-to-lock
Standard 3/4" round tapered steering shaft
Stainless steel cable output ends
Meets A.B.Y.C. standards and N.M.M.A. requirements
SH5094P - Helm
SB2748P 90 Degree - Bezel Kit
SSC62XX - Steering Cable

A.K. Price $199.00 (with wheel)   $169.00 (without wheel)


  Lowe Center Console
This is the perfect center console for aluminum boats up to 17 feet. It is 19" wide and 13" deep. Available in 30" height.



A.K.'s price $219.00





Sea Ark Flat Top Center Console
This is the perfect center console for aluminum boats over 17 feet. It is 38" high, 24" wide and 19" deep.

A.K.'s price $449.00
(Console Features Storage Tray Underneath)
Windshield $89.00
Grab Rail $149.00



Alumacraft Center Console
This is the perfect center console for aluminum boats over 14 feet. The front box can be used as dry storage or turned into a live-well. It is 30” high, 33” in length, 19” wide, and the seat height is 15”.

A.K.’s Price $499.00
Windshield $99.00
Grab Rail $149.00





Alweld Center Console

32" High
225" Wide
17" Deep


A.K.'s Price $399.99

Moeller Live Well Tanks
Roto-Molded Construction, Ruled Cutting Board

# 42282   25 Gallon   16H x 28L x 16W

A.K.'s price $119.99


  Moeller Live Well Tanks (Round)
Roto-Molded Livewells with mounting inserts and drain plug.

3 Sizes (All Round)
42280-W 23 Gal 18"H x 20"D $109.99
42281-W 29 Gal 17"H x 23D $119.99
42283-W 49 Gal 18"H x 29"D $149.99

Alumacraft Center Console
A neat center console or side console. Features a full wood backing for mounting steering head. 25" High, 20" Wide, and 14" Deep.

A.K.'s price $269.00


  Alumacraft Side Storage or Livewell Box
Has angled side to fit angle of boat side.
30" Long, 15" Wide, 12" High.

Boxes available to fit Flat Bottomed and Angled Bottom for Mod V Hull

A.K.'s price $189.99


Alumacraft Side Mount Gun Box
Angled to fit the side of the boat.
60" Long, 12" Wide, and 11" High.
A.K.'s price $379.99
  Alumacraft Pedestal Box
Can be used as a pedestal box, storage box, or livewell. Box has a lockable hasp.
Base of box 16" x 16", top of box 14" x 14", and 13" high.

 A.K.'s price $99.99.


Alumacraft Side Livewell or Storage
Top 19" Long x 14" Wide x 11" High
Bottom 12" Long x 14" Wide
Build at an angle to fit side of boat.

A.K.'s price $139.99.


  Sea Ark Alaskan Console
Designed for stand up steering. Takes up very little room.
40" High, 18" Wide, and 12" Deep.




 A.K.'s price $ 349.00


Alumacraft Side Console
Fits most Alumacraft and many other boats. It has an adjustable leg for height adjustment, control bow mount, bars to go between ribs and mounting fasteners. Face of console is backed with thick plywood

A.K.'s price $199.00


  AK's Mini Console
Designed by AK to mount depth finders or other accessories to side of aluminum boats.

Protrudes Out 9" and 3 1/2" Wide
.72 Gauge

AK's price $24.99


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